Strategic Alliances

Empowering relationships that supercharge your journey, propelling you to new heights.

Blain wease

President of
Provincial Development Group

In 2020, we embarked on a dynamic relationship with Provincial Development Group (PDG) with a clear aim – to ignite our firm's growth. This collaboration bore remarkable fruits, ultimately prompting us to enlist Blain Wease and his exceptionally skilled PDG team for an ongoing mission to empower and elevate financial professionals' practices.

PDG's impact has been unwavering, continually enhancing the structure and efficiency of our diverse teams. Their invaluable outside perspective has enabled us to streamline systems and optimize workflows, all while alleviating stress on our dedicated team members and Financial Professionals.

Ben Newman

Performance Coach & International Keynote Speaker

Ben Newman, a prominent speaker at our events, has ignited a wave of inspiration among our Financial Professionals. Through his transformative 1:1 coaching services, he empowers them to shatter their mental barriers and supercharge their performance.

Ben boasts an impressive track record as a top Financial Advisor nationwide, and his Financial Advisor Academy stands as an invaluable resource accessible to all uFinancial Group Financial Professionals.

Dr. Julia West

Psychologist, Speaker and Director of Science and Content at Limitless Minds

Dr. Julia West, a Psychologist and the Director of Science and Content at Limitless Minds, actively cultivates healthy mindsets, resiliency, and confidence. She has collaboratively propelled numerous Financial Professionals to their next level of success through her impactful work.

Amy Jamrog, CFP®

Founder and Coach at
Four Wings Consulting, Financial Advisor and Keynote Speaker

Amy Jamrog, operating as The Jamrog Group, stands as a leading Financial Advisor within the MassMutual Network. She actively imparts her wealth of experience and wisdom through dynamic coaching services, a dedicated Women's Coalition group, and a range of engaging workshops.

Coaching and Business Development Resources are not affiliated with MML Investors Services, LLC. and are solely responsible for the services they provide.

We Put our Money Where our Heart is...

- Investment in development of financial professionals & their businesses
- Integrating into practices without the feel of intrusion
- Fostering a collaborative ecosystem
- Not a “one size fits all” approach

Note: These strategic alliance relationships are informal. There are no referral fees or any form of compensation to uFinancial Group or Cocores Holdings, LLC. For work with Provincial Development Group, uFinancial Group would pay a portion of the fee and the financial professional would also pay a portion. All other relationships would be determined on a case by case basis. This strategic alliance relationship arrangement is subject to change.