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Standard Deductions

Married Filing Joint/Surviving Spouse $12,700

Single $6,350

Head of Household $9,350

Married Filing Separately $6,350

Additional Aged/Blind– Married $1,250

Additional Aged/Blind– Unmarried $1,550

Taxpayer Claimed as Dependent $1,050

Personal Exemption

The personal exemption amount in 2017 is $4,050.

2017 Social Security Changes

Maximum Taxable Earnings
Social Security Wage Base (OASDI) $127,200
Medicare Portion (HI) No Limit

Social Security Tax Rates
Tax Rate                                               Employee Rate

Employee 6.2%*

Self Employed 12.4%**

*The combined rate for Social Security (OASDI 6.20%) and Medicare (HI 1.45%)

**The combined rate Social Security (OASDI 12.40%) and Medicare (HI 2.90%)

At A Glance: Key Numbers For 2017

Plan Contribution Limits 2017

Defined Benefit Limit $210,000

Defined Contribution Limit $53,000**

Maximum Compensation Limits $265,000

Section 401(k) Plan $18,000

Section 403(b) Plan $18,000

Catch Up Provision401(k) and 403(b) $6,000

Section 457(b)(2)Limit $18,000***

Section 457(b)(2)Catch Up Provision $6,000

Highly Compensated Employee Definitional Limits $120,000

SIMPLE IRAs and SIMPLE 401(k) Plans $12,500

SIMPLE Plan Catch Up Provision $3,000

Traditional IRA and Roth IRA $5,500

Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Catch Up $1,000

**Annual additions to an employee’s account, which are defined as the total of employer contributions, and forfeitures, are limited to the lesser of the dollar amount indicated or 100% compensation. This limit must be coordinated with a rule applicable to profit-sharing plans, SEPs, and stock bonus plans that limit contributions to 25% of compensation. This lower limitation does not apply to employee elective contributions or forfeitures, so annual additions may exceed 25% of compensation as long as employer contributions meet the 25% limit.

 ***Existing salary reduction SEPs (SARSEPs) are also covered by this limit.

Qualified Long Term Care Premiums                    2017 Maximum

Age 40 or less $410

More than 40 but not more than 50 $770

More than 50 but not more than 60 $1,530

More than 60 but not more than 70 $4,090

More than 70 $5,110

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