Our Process




Prepare the Foundation

We begin our process by getting to know you honestly and deeply, so we can determine how our services and experience can help you on your financial journey. Finances can be an emotional topic for many, and we understand that millions of decisions have brought you to where you are today. We seek to understand your motivations and desires so we can help you establish financial goals that align with your core values.



A Deep Look at Your Situation:

During the exploration process, we analyze your financial situation through a detailed fact-finding conversation. Our financial services professionals confidentially review your current finances with an eye toward problem areas and opportunities.

Your Goals and Objectives:

Once we understand your current situation, we work with you to develop specific financial objectives and goals. We consider your lifestyle, your family, and what you want to achieve.


Your Financial Plan

After we’ve gotten to know you and understand your priorities, we develop your financial plan. We present the plan to you and make any adjustments necessary for you to feel confident implementing it.

Adapting to Life Changes:

Once you are implementing your plan, we followup with you for reviews to make sure it is reaching your goals. If your goals change, your financial plan should change with it, and we will adapt it to keep up with you and any life changes you have.


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