uFinancial Group's Journey is a seven-step approach to help you discover, grow and achieve your financial dreams.

Journey creates a snapshot of your current financial situation, then helps us design a strategy to help grow your financial well-being, and ultimately, achieve the financial dreams for you and your family, or for your business.

First, we get a thorough picture of your financial situation through a detailed fact-finding session. Together we will review your current finances and look at both problem areas and growth opportunities.

The second step is to work with you to identify and understand your short- and long-term financial objectives. We want to find out how you envision your future and learn about all of the goals and milestones you’ve dreamed about for your family or business.

Step three is analysis. We educate you about the financial process to help you determine if your goals make sense for you and your family, or for your business. This thorough analysis will help you verify that your financial goals are both realistic and attainable.

In step four, you and your uFinancial Group professional will compare alternative paths to reaching your goals. Contingency plans are developed for the “what if” factors of risk, timing, and other possible variables. We review your financial strategies from a 360° view to help you achieve your desired dreams.

The fifth step is to help determine the optimal strategy for you to reach your financial goals. This step integrates multiple solutions with the appropriate tax, risk and cash flow options that are available for you. Every financial professional starts with a uFinancial Group Journey that is as individual as you are to help you achieve your dreams.

Step six is to implement the uFinancial Group Journey, created just for you. Our access to a wide range of services, resources and market expertise enables us to help you put your strategy into action.

Step seven is to review your Journey on a consistent basis with your uFinancial Group professional to reaffirm your desired objectives, account for and incorporate new life changes, and adjust to current tax law to help you stay on the road towards achieving your dreams.