When looking to protect their income in the event of a long term disability, your employees may often overlook the contributions they, and you, make to their qualified retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k).

RetireGuard provides disability income insurance benefits to help individuals continue saving for retirement when they are disabled.

RetireGuard can help replace an amount equal to the retirement plan contributions that would have been made to an employee’s eligible deferred contribution plan if he/she had not become disabled. It is not a retirement plan, nor a substitute for one.

RetireGuard can be issued on a standalone basis or as a rider on a disability income contract for an additional cost1. When insured with RetireGuard, during a period of total disability, MassMutual will pay benefits into an irrevocable trust. Benefits are not paid into an employer sponsored retirement plan. The trust offers different investment options at the time of claim so that the insured can select the option that best meets his/her retirement goals2. Trust assets may be tax-deferred depending on the investment option(s) selected and are distributed to the insured when he or she reaches retirement age.

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1RetireGuard is not available for sale in New Jersey. The RetireGuard rider is not available for sale in California.

2Trust services provided by The MassMutual Trust Company, FSB.

RetireGuard Individual [Policy Form XL-IS-92 with EDI-10, XL-IS-92(NC) with EDI-10 in North Carolina], and RetireGuard Multi-Life [Policy Form XLS-ME-04 with EDI-10, XLS-ME-04(NC) with EDI-10 in North Carolina, XL-GS-92 with EDI-10 in California] are issued by MassMutual.

RetireGuard Individual and RetireGuard Multi-Life policies provide disability income insurance only. They do NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical or major medical insurance as defined by the New York State Insurance Department. The expected benefit ratio for a RetireGuard Individual policy is 52% and a RetireGuard Multi-Life policy is 60.1%. This ratio is the portion of future premiums which the company expects to return as benefits, when averaged over all the people with these policies.

These policies have exclusions and limitations. For costs and complete details of coverage, please call MassMutual at (800) 272-2216 (press 3) to be referred to a representative in your area.