Despite the shift in the US in the last 20 years, away from defined benefit (DB) plans and toward 401(k) and other defined contribution plans, DB plans remain a significant component of the retirement programs for many plan sponsors. If you are a sponsor of, or an advisor for, a DB plan, MassMutual has the experience and flexibility you need.

At MassMutual, we like to assist sponsors with the overall health of their retirement plans, and for sponsors of defined benefit plans, plan health can be summed up in two words: funded status. In short, funded status is the best indicator we have to determine your plan’s ability to deliver on its promises to retirees and their beneficiaries, both now and into the future.

MassMutual has been serving defined benefit plans for more than 65 years. Whether you are looking for a fully bundled, semi-bundled, or investment-only approach to plan service, or you are looking for a provider that can combine services for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans, our service model provides you with the flexibility you need to help achieve and maintain the goals you set for your plans. We can assist you whether your plan is active, frozen, or terminating.

MassMutual’s defined benefit plan services include:

– Asset/liability management
– Liability-driven investing
– Multi-manager investment program
– Pension de-risking / risk transfer consulting
– Plan design, consulting and actuarial services
– Benefit payment processing and tax reporting
– Award-winning annual benefit statement for participants
– Experienced relationship management to coordinate services*
– A dedicated conversion team
– Online access to personalized benefit estimates and other information
– An award-winning participant call center

* Available for many plans


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Mutual Fund Industry Awards “Hall of Fame” selection announced 12/2/13 by Fund Industry Intelligence & Fund Director Intelligence (Euromoney Institutional Investor) for MassMutual’s prior awards: Retirement Leader of the Year for industry leadership and excellence in retirement plan services, April 2012; Deal of the Year, April 2013; Ad Campaign of the Year, April 2013. MassMutual is the only firm ever to have earned a Hall of Fame induction in just two years. MassMutual is a marketing name for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and its affiliates.